Monday, 2 July 2007

I spent the whole day marking!

It sounds like a treat to the uninitiated: working at home, doing some marking. I'm sure friends and family think it's a euphemism for relaxing or playing that other domestic euphemism: trouser Olympics. It's not. And you know what? I'd rather be at work.

How many assignments did I get done? 30, 40, 50?
OK, some of these top 4,000 words but it took me all day!
My son left at 8.20 and I started around 8.30. By 10.30 I'd done 4. I ploughed on to 6 before I rewarded myself with food. Sugar levels had dipped so drastically by then though that I think I marked the 6th one in a hallucinogenic haze: His marks of 20 and a half % for part one and 145% for part two seem to evidence this.
By number 9 my handwriting was so pants I could no longer write without hypocrisy: 'you need to tidy up your presentation.'
Later, the woman downstairs puts some 'thump thump' music on and I can no longer concentrate on what I'm reading. I put on Vivaldi! It has violins and stuff like that- crucially, it has no words and I can shut it out whilst it overrides the thumping from downstairs.
Now I have typed this and aired some of my agitation I need to mark two more.

The worst thing is that this needs to be finished because I have 27 more coming in on Wednesday and another 30-odd the Wednesday after that.

It's funny how my innocent days of driving for a living included a prophetic foreshadowing of how I feel at this moment: I always said I hated students- I didn't realise why properly until now.

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