Tuesday, 28 August 2007

French Connection

I should be working but, for one reason or another, I can't concentrate. Also, my PC keeps switching itself off. I took the cover off (just like I told my son not to do on his when a CD got stuck inside) and discovered that there's a loose connection. Fiddling with it, to my immense surprise, failed to remedy the situation. I now can't upload pictures or do all my usual domestic stuff. PC is in the hall. Knowing me as I do, I suspect it'll still be there come Christmas.

Rush Hour 3 is of course preposterous. It is also funny, especially if you're a teenage lad. The overt and covert messages woven throughout the film may make some people feel uneasy, especially the racial gags or the relationships the main and minor male characters have with women. One thing they have got right though is the ability for the French to amuse the English speaking world (however unintentionally). No doubt French suspicions of the US's foreign policy and their traditional enmity towards the English have set the foundations of the current trend towards Bete Noire status in the eyes of the Americans. The Iraq war and ever greater international policy divergence coupled with Blair's unflinching 'shoulder to shoulder with Bush' thing, seem to have persuaded those that determine American low culture content that Brit = good and French = wily and untrustworthy (if not altogether bad). The barometer is the villain in Hollywood. I predict more and more French baddies and ever increasing numbers of US/ British special relationships on screen. I spose the renaming of French fries just wasn't enough.

I love France though. Where else would you find a business called this:

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