Friday, 25 January 2008


From the A*****l website. Proof that they do care; it was important and that at least some of them realise the truth that Spurs were simply a better team:

Gallas: " It is difficult to accept this defeat and 5-1 is too much,” said Gallas. “All the players are very disappointed and sad. I think Tottenham were better than us and we have to accept that."

Richard Clarke Match report: "Undoubtably this was a disappointing, even dispiriting, defeat for Arsenal. Their players left the pitch head-bowed at full time as their Tottenham counterparts did a lap of honour." (The Arses can't spell 'undoubtedly' either)

Of course Wenger was his usual magnanimous self in defeat: "Of course it is disappointing because we lost. I feel that everything went against us...The score is very high and very brutal but I think it does not reflect what happened on the pitch."

Some interesting responses to the question about why Arsenal fans leave early: All credit to those that can accept defeat like Gallas but see how much there is there in the way of sour grapes.

Right, I'm going to stop going on about this now!

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