Sunday, 6 January 2008

Reading the score

In some ways the board says it all, in others it says nothing at all. Of course a scoreline like this will raise eyebrows but it will never reveal the anxiety or the depth of incredulity felt the supporters. I always say that the taunting and gloating chants are asking for trouble. Their supporters didn't learn though. Every time they went into the lead they sang something or other in an effort to rile the Spurs fans but barely got beyond the second verse before THFC had equalised. It was half an hour in the second half of 'Oh no...' followed by 'YEY...' followed by 'Oh no...'

Saturday's game was never going to produce the same result but it wasn't far off. Strangely, Reading celebrated the draw like they'd won the cup and good luck to them I spose. After conceding a lead so many times the week before it must have felt like it. The Fulham game was a Christmas treat too. That's 20 goals we've seen in 10 days. I need a rest.

A little PS: On behalf of my brother in law I'd like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Oldham.

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