Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Equal Opportunities

Following a recent complaint to our head office that this blog is ethno, euro, anglo, hetero and spurso centric we are pleased to announce a guest speaker to redress some of these inbalances. Rather than having the usual bloke bang on about football we are delighted to welcome a foxy chick to bang on about football instead. Yey!

S writes:

‘…and Martin Jol loves me’ sang M so passionately and so loudly alongside 36,599 others leaving only 1 – myself. My reasons for not joining in with what Spurs fans apparently do best (according to my brother) – and chant to the top of my lungs are: I was overcome by shyness, I was in awe of the presence of Robinson, Bent and Keane (sadly no Berbatov, fortunate for M though as I had pre warned him that if I catch a glimpse of Berba on the bench he will be getting my number) and the fear of inhaling the dire smell that came out of this poor and, I’m pretty sure, ailing man- hope he’s been to see a Doctor. The sense of pride that went through me as I listened to M singing one chant after the other is one that I have never experienced before but hope to again soon and who knows I may even partake.

I have watched many a match at home, sat on the sofa, snacking, occasionally screaming at the telly but being at the ground itself is something else altogether. Firstly, the pitch is much greener, the players are much taller, Gardner is at least 2 feet taller than he looks on telly and the whole atmosphere, the buzz, the excitement, the adrenaline rush each time Spurs got the ball and were running up to the opposing team’s goal…aaah there is no one word that would best describe all of that. I recommend that everyone must put watching footie match live in a stadium on their ‘things to do before I die’ list. I can cross it off mine now.

I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about the match itself and how we scored 2 minutes in, and then again at 6 minutes and then again at 14 mins and how the final score was 4 – 0 to Spurs because it would appear as though I am boasting. So I won’t.

My first visit to the Lane was fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for better company, a better crowd, a better team or a better result. Here’s hoping that we get to see many more matches ending in the same way, I shall of course be doing my part – wearing exactly the same clothes as I wore last Saturday as I’m sure that had a hand in the win somehow. COME ON YOU SPURS!

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