Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Bill Nicholson Way

The following stats seem to back up Jol's case for an easing of the confidence crisis amongst the board. Second only to the great man himself is some achievement.

Bill Nicholson 1.65 points per league game
Martin Jol 1.58pts per game

Trouble is, when I saw who was next on this list I realised that the stats need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Most of the Spurs fans I know (who are old enough to remember) would take a Burkinshaw clone over Shreeves one or, God forbid, another kerb cr.... I mean Pleaty. I guess it all has to be contextualised. Burkinshaw's success was in the FA cup and Europe, not the league and Jol has a long way to go before reaching the same game tally as Bill Nick. Whatever the considerations, MJ is so far from the chopping and changing we have been through in the last 20 years and the points average is commendable. GIVE HIM A CHANCE.

Peter Shreeves 1.54pts per game
David Pleat 1.53pts per game
Keith Burkinshaw 1.45pts per game
Terry Venables 1.42pts per game
Doug Livermore 1.40pts per game
Gerry Francis 1.39pts per game
Christian Gross 1.308pts per game
George Graham 1.306pts per game
Terry Neill 1.29pts per game
Glenn Hoddle 1.27pts per game
Jacques Santini 1.18pts per game
Osvaldo Ardiles 1.15pts per game

It's funny how as a teenager I idolised Ossie and Hoddle. It's seems clear just from looking at this (and of course recalling the pain of watching their Spurs teams fumble about) that just because you can do something very well yourself, it doesn't mean you are automatically equipped to get other people to do it. In my job I see rather too many 'Ossies' and 'Glendas' standing in front of classes of students who deserve a Nicholson or a Jol.

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