Thursday, 23 August 2007

Number 1 to number 2

Typical that Robinson had to make a mess of things in the first half of the England game against Germany. Why do they still play them? They should have quit in 66. Or, at the very least after the 5-1 in Germany. The worry for me is that this confidence dent along with all the mess about Jol will upset Robbo's game on Sunday. It seems apposite to recall the last time we 'won' up there with this fabulous Mendes goal near then end of the match:

My superstition is such that I think that if I predict all the bad things on paper (or in the ether) then somehow they won't happen so:

  • Robbo will make a similar cock up to this or the England one , costing us the game
  • Man U will get a dodgy penalty
  • we will lose

Having said all that, I did predict 4-0 on Saturday. Better make sure S is wearing her lucky shirt and pants just to be on the safe side.

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