Sunday, 19 August 2007

Results and how I felt

I will update this post throughout the season. It's mostly for me so I can keep track. When I look back over the last season I realise how quickly I forget not only the results but even which games I went to.

Sunderland away. Lost 0-1 - goal in third second of injury time injury time- watched in pub in London with S. As goal went in 'come on, we're going'. Irritability lasted on and off till Tuesday night...
Everton at home. Lost 1-3. Expectation levels high despite frightening injury list. A couple of minutes in and we're one down. Watched till half time in pub with son in Cumbria on a tiny screen. At half time when all goals had already been scored I said 'Come on, we're going'. Listening with that horrendous false hope to the second half on 5 live was prob worse than actually watching. Did a bit of that post match wondering about why I am so bothered. Concluded that it was resonance of neanderthal tribalistic instincts that I have no control over. So that's OK then.
Derby at home. Won 4-0. Should have been 5 or 6. We had a couple of good penalty calls denied and Routledge had the ball in the net and it was disallowed for offside- turns out that was bad decision. Now Man U have lost their third game that means we have a point more than them after three games. What the hell was I worried about? Viewed from the bit of the Park Lane end where you stand up all the time despite the best efforts of the stewards. Last time I was there , everyone stood up immediately after being forced to sit down with the inspired chant of 'Stand up, if you love stewards'.
Man United away... a good performance all round (esp. by Bale and Chimbonda) means I feel less fed up about this defeat than the other two. Of course we were robbed but what do you expect at Old Trafford
Fulham away. 3-3. Had to wait for match of the day to see the cataclysmic tactical hiccoughs and defensive blunders in this one. I followed the match whilst out by text and calls from my son and via the web browser on my mobile. At 3-1 up I had this sneaky suspicion that we'd blow it but still stomped around in the TV shop when waiting for confirmation of the draw. This morning at work one of my colleagues greeted me with "Good win at the weekend!" If he knew anything about Tottenham he'd know you can't take anything for granted unless you watch or listen right to the very end. By my calculations that's 3 points dropped in 1 and a half minutes. If matches were 89 mins long we'd be in a European spot. Still I spose on the plus side Bale and Kaboul (this means I agree in Arabic apparently) scored and Berbatov looked like he was getting back to his old self. Nolw only two weeks to wait for Les Arses. My confidence about that has diminished somewhat to say the least.
A*****L Home. Threw it away. Berba missed sitter. Bent could have equalised. Looks like Jol could be on his way now. Me and boy paid 39 quid to sit in probably the 4th and 5th worst seats in the ground to watch this. Why do we torture ourselves. Then we had to drive back to yorkshire. Then I had to watch it again on Football First then Match of the Day. Clearly I'm some sort of masochist.

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