Thursday, 8 May 2008

Berba's last game?

I saw Martin Jol's last game this season (seems like years ago now) and the thought of the whole stadium singing : 'stand up for Martin Jol' still brings a tear to my eye. I wonder what it'll be like on Sunday. All the huffing and puffing, sulking and conniving has left a lot of Spurs fans irritated with Berba. Even so, there's no denying he has a masterful touch. One of the only chants my girl joins in is 'DI-MI-TAR BERBATOV' though it's more like dimitar berbatov as she's a bit shy. I suspect that it's as much his Draculian good looks as much as his dexterous feet mind you. So...probably for the last's a picture of Berba at his best (I am guessing). Sullen, broody and advertising a children's charity. What more could a girl want? A bit of bloody loyalty, that's what.

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