Sunday, 25 May 2008


My grandad has supported chelsea all his life. Of course I want him to be happy but I was pleased when John Terry fluffed that penalty in the champ league final on Wednesday. I was pleased too when Drogba got sent off for being a spoilt baby. This isn't because of the rivalry or because:

  • Chelsea are Spurs' second biggest rivals after Ar5ena1
  • Drogba is a cheat
  • it's funny seeing a bloke on 70k a week blub his eyes out wondering why no-one feels sorry for him
  • they have bought recent success
  • their supporters were disgraceful in the Carling Cup, leaving before the end and not making a noise even when 1-0 up
  • I know an ex Blackburn "fan" who has metamorphasised into a a "die hard" Chelsea "fan" coincidentally as Blackburn became shite and Chelsea became good.
Nope, it's because a significant minority are like this bloke:

They have a Jewish owner and, until about 24 hours ago a Jewish coach. Still they didn't see the irony of taunting Spurs with anti semitic chants and this kind of Nazi stuff. The girl in the picture will grow up to be an ignorant snarling chav and the world will continue to be a miserable place. Knowing that this bloke was pissed off on Feb 24th and last Wednesday night makes me feel a bit better about that.
Knowing that there is no-one more decent on this planet than my grandad, that he was part of the fight against Nazism and that he'll have appreciated a good match gives me even more hope.

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williamhill said...

that is disgraceful, i'm an avid reader of the premier league but i have not come across this picture and the anti-semitic of the chelsea fans before coming across this site.