Wednesday, 27 June 2007


My boy was picked for the district athletics event today. This is surprising because:a) I didn't think there were enough schools up these parts to merit a 'district' and b) I thought he'd inherited my sporting crapness. Seems, though, that out of the blue he has got a bit of his mum's dad in him (not literally, I hasten to add).

I was proud enough that he'd been picked. He came 5th in a race with 10 kids in it. To me that's some achievement- he's one of the best in the whole area at 800m. And he's got no excuse not to run down the shops for me from now on either. Of course I don't want to start a 'Gaylord achievement wall' like the one in 'Meet the Fokkers' but I am very proud of him. Wish I could take some credit for this but, in reality, all credit has to go to him. However, if he ever enters a sitting about watching football competition and wins I will take my place on the rostrum as his trainer.

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