Saturday, 9 June 2007

Why Felicity we must have two...

Little Jasper and darling Victoria will need big stockings this Christmas.
This is decadence at its worst. I was enjoying my trip to Harrods with my girl the other day until I saw this. I don't know if you can make out the price but it's marked up at just under 15 grand. More than my car cost new.
A free foot massage and a half decent lunch helped me forget how angry things like this can make me. And, really, it's not because I resent the money of the rich gits that buy things like this- it's just that things like this so grotesquely emphasise the gap between rich and poor it makes me shudder. Maybe I'm doing them all a disservice: perhaps they walk past and mutter their own disgust- " You know what Felicity, that is disgraceful. I am so appalled I shall wire 15 thousand British pounds to some poor brown people in Africa upon our return to the estate. And some of those wonderful eclairs from the food halls."
ps. I have no idea if the small man's head is part of the windscreen design. It seems happy enough though

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