Tuesday, 5 June 2007

why am I so embarrassing?

My son is going on the year 8 trip today - four days camping in Cumbria. Of course I'm used to him preferring to leave the house just ahead of me with a muttered 'See ya later then' rather than with a father/ son bonhomie that would no doubt get him beaten up at school for being 'gay'. However, I was totally unprepared for his escape effort this morning: I had to take him to school because he had this big rucksack with clothes, sleeping stuff and crumbs in it. As I was pulling up at school he was saying 'see ya then' even before I'd stopped the car. I had to shout at him in order to explain that it was probably a bit dangerous to get out while the car was still moving. 'Don't park there,' he says....I look around for warning signs, sharp things or babies crawling across the road then notice the hazard: it's a girl from his class.

On that note, we went into a pub the other day for a bit of lunch and this young woman said hello to my boy. She looked late teens or early twenties so I wondered aloud who she was. 'She's in my class.'

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