Monday, 11 June 2007


Just thought it was about time I embarrassed my sister again. She still walks the same way. Shall I mention how convinced she was when I told her 'they' were banning the use of boxing day and insisting it be called Christmas Morrow? And how she went on to tell so many people in her job as hairdresser that it eventually came back to me?! Nah, better not- she'd write some stuff on her blog about me.

Looking at this old cine film again makes me realise that people really did wear medallions in the 70s. I remember that one that my mum is wearing. Outside her jumper. It weighed a ton. I think they eventually melted it down for the war effort.

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xxx said...

Just you wait bro..just you wait.......Once my computer skills are as good as my Grandad's, I'll get you back on my blob spot!