Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Colouful drinking venue

During the local elections I saw a few BNP vehicles cruising around Bradford and its environs. Obviously the Nazis use words other than 'environs' but that's not my point. Post Derek Beacon (repellent and utterly pointless BNP councillor elected early 90s in Tower Hamlets) the BNP just seemed to fade away in East London. Barely even a whimper really. Before moving up and during those elections I was worried that it'd be like going back 15 years living here. I needn't have worried of course. This pub attests to just how far ahead they are. Yorkshire folk don't mince their words but clearly all are welcome here. It's opposite 'The King's Withered Arms' funnily enough. Looking at the picture again- I'm not so sure it is a pub. I took from inside my car whilst stuck at traffic lights. I will check tomorrow.

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